FilmFringe is a Shanghai based creative production specialized in creating, producing hope and energy for storytellers. With the collaboration of worldwide excellent filmmakers and visual artists, we concentrate on production and production service for each story. We make story out of the original concept and inspiration. We are a team of people who make things happen.


FilmFringe 是一间制造希望与能量的内容创意和制作机构。我们致力于为每一个故事提供执行方案与制作保障。凭借与国内外优秀创作者和视觉艺术家的合作,我们专注于将灵感叙述得以变为现实,也帮助其他优秀制作团队与他们的创意在执行中获得真实和流畅的体验感受。我们用行动讲故事。


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